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Important Changes at WholeFamily MD

Dear Friends,

It feels like it was just yesterday that I opened my first medical office in Noe Valley on the corner of Church and 26th. How did almost two decades fly by so quickly? My kids, who were tiny then, are off in the world having adventures and some of your kids, who were also small back then, now have children of their own! Over these years you have honored me with your trust and given me the opportunity to be a part of your lives – something that many family doctors these days never get to experience. I am deeply grateful. And over the years, the practice itself has evolved from a solo practice (in the beginning, I didn’t even have a receptionist!) to a vibrant place we call WholeFamily MD, with Drs. Swan, Peretz and Zaphiris, nurse practitioner Sage Bearman, acupuncturist Giulietta Octavio, nutrition consultant Angela Ross, and three wonderful front office staff, Gaby Modolo, Rhodora Fiorello, and Janice Caballero.

And now I am writing to tell you about our latest evolution: starting in January 2019, I will no longer be offering primary care at WholeFamily MD. As many of you know, in recent years I have become increasingly involved with teaching, research, and advocacy related to health and agriculture, and I am making this change to focus more on this work. In some respects, this is an easy decision because the office is thriving and Dr. Christina Peretz can warmly welcome all my patients into her practice. Dr. Peretz is a delightful, well-trained physician who is Board Certified in Family Medicine and Integrative Holistic Medicine. She is dedicated to building collaborative, long-term relationships with her patients.

Because I feel so connected to WholeFamily MD and because good-byes have never been my strong suit, I will be scheduling one Friday a month in the San Francisco office on an on-going basis for Integrative Consultations and Medical Nutrition Coaching. You do not need to be a patient at WholeFamily MD to schedule a session with me. Please look for more information about these sessions on our website and in our newsletter.

I hope that all my current patients decide to stay with WholeFamily MD. Unless you notify us, the office will assume that starting January 1, 2019, you will see Dr. Peretz for urgent and continuity health issues. Your records are available in the EPIC electronic medical record so that Dr. Peretz and any future physician can access your information. Until January, I will continue to schedule patients for primary care and I look forward to seeing some of you before then.

Wishing you many years of peace, health and happiness.

Daphne Miller, MD