Provider, Christina Peretz, MD

Dr. Peretz has been my trusted medical advisor over the past five years. With her advanced background in medicine and nutrition, and her genuine passion for treatment, she brings a wealth of experience and breadth of training to her practice.

Ronna J.
Ronna J.San Francisco, CA

Christina Peretz, MD

Dr. Christina Peretz is board certified in family medicine and Integrative Holistic Medicine. She completed her medical school training at Columbia University’s affiliate program in Israel, The Medical School for International Health. She then joined one of the nation’s top family medicine residency programs at Oregon Health & Science University and went on to complete Dr. Weil’s Integrative Medicine Fellowship.  Prior to medical school she attained a Masters degree in Nutrition Education from Teachers College, Columbia University.

Dr. Peretz came to medicine through her own personal medical experience. At a young age she developed a severe case of psoriasis. Her effort to address her chronic health problem led her to explore both conventional and alternative health treatments and with this she developed an appreciation for an integration of medical modalities.

Dr. Peretz specifically enjoys working with chronic disease management, including but not limited to: autoimmune conditions, metabolic disorders including diabetes, gastrointestinal problems, and overall health and wellness are aspects of care.  She also specializes in the treatment of psoriasis using an integrative medicine approach.

Dr. Christina Peretz recognizes that each patient is unique and believes in the philosophy of treating the patient rather than the disease. She also believes that a successful path to wellness stems from the patient’s own empowerment. Dr. Peretz approaches each visit as a collaborative effort toward understanding your needs and working together to develop your health goals and treatment plan.

And as a Bay Area native, Dr. Peretz is happy to be raising her own family and caring for patients where she feels most at home.