Concierge Membership

Being a member of WholeFamily MD means being a part of our patient care family. Our model of care allows a relationship of trust and individual consideration. Our allegiance is to you, our patient, not to insurance companies. We see fewer than 1/3 of the patients per day a traditional primary care doctor sees, and we have the time needed to thoroughly address your concerns in person and by telemedicine.

We welcome you to our practice at WholeFamily MD!

Services Included With Membership

  • Same day urgent appointments
  • Relationship-based personal medical care
  • Careful listening during our appointments
  • Integrative solutions to your chronic health problems
  • Preventative care that truly focuses on the whole person
  • Easy email communication through our patient portal
  • Referrals to specialists and alternative providers
  • Newborn house calls
  • Electronic prescription refills
  • Forms completed at no charge

Our model of care allows a

relationship of trust and individual consideration

Your Membership

Your membership fee covers a variety of services that take place inside and outside of typical visits. Some of these services include home visits when appropriate, procedures, vaccines, telemedicine, and telephone and email consultations. In addition, we provide specialist referrals, forms completion, prior-authorizations, and secure electronic medication refills. Importantly, membership provides you with access to communicate privately with your provider through our patient portal.