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Our Approach

We offer patient-focused care for every part of your life

Personalized Health

Individualized care to optimize your health

Concierge Membership

Being a member means being a part of our patient care family

Integrative primary care in San Francisco

At WholeFamily MD, we know that your environment, your relationships, your nutrition, and your activity profoundly influence your health. We blend evidence-based Western medicine and integrative, individualized care to optimize your health.

Our patient care family

Being a member of WholeFamily MD means being a part of our patient care family. We feel that optimum health is best achieved when you have an ongoing relationship with a doctor that knows you and cares for you. Our team is here to care for you: mind, body, and spirit.


A better place to keep you and your family healthy. We have offices conveniently located in San Francisco’s Noe Valley Neighborhood


“You will not find a more nurturing and supportive group of care-providers in San Francisco.”

“I needed a pediatrician that could support me as I figured out the whole parenting thing. We found exactly that with Whole Family.”

“Dr. Swan is incredible with babies and toddlers and also wonderful with adults. I can’t imagine a more perfect doctor/patient relationship and we feel incredibly lucky to be in her care.”