WholeFamily MD Services Acupuncture Giulietta Octavio, LAc, DACM

Acupuncture During Cold and Flu Season at WholeFamily MD!

The combination of a busy year and all the fires this fall has seen more families affected by an early cold and flu season. Don’t let that be you!

In Chinese Medicine, this is the season to strengthen the lungs and immune system. Our in-house acupuncturist, Giulietta Octavio, LAc, DACM, has effective protocols for preventing or reducing the severity of colds, cough, flu, and congestion. Ask her or your physician if these are appropriate treatments for you and your family. A few simple interventions now can make all the difference in helping you get through the holidays and the cold and flu season feeling great.

Schedule your immune focused treatment with Dr. Giulietta Octavio, today.