Wellness for Children and Infants: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

I became a parent the same year I became an acupuncturist. Now over 17 years later, I see how much my work in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has supported my daughter and the many children who I have treated.TCM has a long and successful history in building, resilient, strong kids. I am excited to offer TCM at WholeFamily MD where I see infants and children 10 and under. 

How does TCM help children and infants? In a nutshell, holistically, TCM helps the body and mind to work in a coordinated and effective way. How do I use TCM in my work with children? It doesn’t always involve needles! I have created a technique to enhance sensory and nervous system integration using massage, tapping, brushing and cupping. I combine this physical work with plant-based herbal formulas to strengthen immune, digestion, urinary and nervous system functions. Finally, I create easy to follow nutrition plans for families that are specific to their needs. This approach, as a whole, helps children to become healthier, more relaxed and more resilient. In turn, a more relaxed body system reduces the frequency, severity, and intensity of childhood illness. The wonderful thing is, not only do kids get healthier with my approach, but parents become healthier and more relaxed too.

If this approach sounds right for you and your family, I encourage you to contact me for more information. Dr. Giulietta Octavio, DACM, info@integralbody.com, 415-550-8444.