Blog A Message from Dr Christina Peretz

A Message from Dr. Christina Peretz

Being a physician at WholeFamily MD is a privilege. I have the freedom to practice slow medicine alongside a team that cares deeply about their work and contribution in the world. Each person at WholeFamily MD serves with passion, intelligence, and integrity. I often marvel at the mystery of life and, specifically, I feel gratitude for the path that led me through the doors of WholeFamily MD.

Dr. Daphne Miller and Dr. Avril Swan had the courage, foresight, intelligence, energy, and strength to build this beautiful practice. There is a bittersweetness to Dr. Miller’s departure from WholeFamily MD that I and many of her patients feel. I admire Dr. Miller for her wisdom as a physician, her insights in her writing and for her mission toward positive progress in our world.  Although her departure is our direct loss, there is certainly much that will be gained through her continued contributions to medical and social science. I am very happy for her as she embarks on her new journey and look forward to learning more from her good works in the coming years.

Along with the deep respect that I have for Dr. Miller comes a most humbled feeling of being in the position to care for her patients. There is no doctor on the planet that can replace Dr. Miller. She is a life force of her own— as her patients know so well. If you choose to continue to receive your medical care with me at WholeFamily MD, I will do my best to uphold the principles of the excellent care that you have so far received. Personalized, empathic, thoughtful, and comprehensive care is my goal with each and every patient and with each and every visit. The relationship between a doctor and patient is richened through bidirectional communication and shared decision making. Your health and your medical path is yours completely. I respect your role in determining that path and as your physician, I aim to serve as your guide, your resource and your witness.

In health and peace,

Christina Peretz MD, MS

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