Pediatric Care

Family physicians and pediatricians at WholeFamily MD can care for your children from birth through adulthood; giving us both the context and continuity to help prevent diseases later in life. We believe that your child’s health is intimately connected to the health of the rest of your family. We offer back-to-back parent-child visits for your convenience. And can address multi-generational family health problems from strep throat to genetic issues in our office.

we aim to support your

child’s natural ability to heal

Our ultimate goal is to offer the most effective treatment plan with minimum side effects. With any health concern, we aim to support your child’s natural ability to heal and use pharmaceuticals and other therapies judiciously. And as board-certified family physicians, pediatricians, and nurse practitioners, we are qualified to offer pediatric preventive and urgent care as needed. 

for your convenience

We offer back-to-back parent-child visits

  • Benefits for our pediatric patients include

    • Evidence-based western medicine.
    • Alternative modalities and mind-body medicine that get incorporated into
      treatment plans when appropriate and desired.
    • Specialization in preventative care, as well as urgent and serious illnesses.
    • Parenting, lifestyle and nutrition education integrated into each visit.
    • Easy access to providers through our patient portal.
    • Initial newborn or adopted infant visit offered in the comfort of your home.
    • Teenagers welcomed for drop-in, same day appointments whenever they like.