In choosing a doctor for your baby, we know some families look not just for quality medicine, but for partners in the journey through parenthood. At WholeFamily MD, we are thrilled to offer a new option for those seeking an extra layer of guidance and support. This is WELL BABY, WELL MAMA: A small group model of care that combines personal well-child pediatric and postpartum medical visits with the synergy and strength of a built-in community.

Regularly scheduled, two-hour appointments


In this program, six to eight families will land under the wings of trusted practitioners, Avril Swan, MD and midwife Sage Bearman, CNM, who use nationally recognized practices with a holistic approach to create a health plan that grows and changes with your family. Initial pediatric and postpartum visits occur in the comfort of your home and at the clinic, as appropriate. All members of WELL BABY, WELL MAMA will receive access to the menu of WholeFamilyMD services and specialists; including the patient portal, after-hours emergency phone access, and urgent visits at the office.

Around your child’s two month mark, WELL BABY, WELL MAMA participants transition to receiving well baby and well mama care in an intimate, group setting. These visits follow the American Academy of Pediatrics well-child schedule through the first two years of life. The regularly scheduled, two-hour appointments combine individual check-ups with group learning activities. The length of appointments and consistency with caregivers allows for more thorough examinations, time to address questions, and context to evaluate you and your child over time. While bundled visits provide convenience and a better look at the big family picture, they also allow mothers and partners to participate by taking and recording their child’s vital signs and measurements. Over time parents become more confident learning about and taking charge of their own and their child’s health and wellbeing.


Visits starting at 2 months will be held at the San Francisco Birth Center. All other appointments, as needed, occur at the WholeFamily MD offices

Call for info and join future groups

All family structures and partners welcome to attend.

Participants will also help educate and empower one another. In the group setting, Dr. Swan and Sage Bearman will not only teach a two-year well child curriculum, but facilitate discussions around timely parenting and maternal health topics. They will cover a wide range of subjects including normal infant development, sleep, vaccines, first foods, alternative medicine choices, maternal body changes, and family nutrition. The providers will also take cues from the group itself and, overall, offer a safe space to explore emotions, share knowledge and experiences, and strengthen instincts. Over the two years, WELL BABY, WELL MAMA families will form bonds with one another as well as with practitioners. Eventually, families will graduate with a trusted network of allies, a diverse set of skills, and the self-assurance needed to thrive in the journey ahead. Not to mention a home at WholeFamilyMD for ongoing care, should they choose to continue with the practice.