Postpartum Care

Every expectant parent deserves empowering, dedicated, and individualized prenatal and postpartum care. Our board-certified nurse midwife, Sage Bearman, CNM, WHNP provides in-depth, holistic prenatal care throughout pregnancy to those intending to give birth at either CPMC Sutter-St Luke’s or the San Francisco Birth Center. 

Postpartum care is offered in home to

support rest, recovery, and bonding

  • Services related to Prenatal / Postpartum include:

    • In-depth, holistic, individualized prenatal care
    • Referrals for genetic counseling
    • Lab and ultrasound orders
    • Labor, birth and postpartum preparation
    • In-home postpartum care

prenatal and postpartum care

Momentarily not accepting new clients with due dates after September 1st